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Christmas Belgian Chocolate Covered Cupcakes - 12pc

Chocolate Covered Company®


We replaced the frosting with Rich Belgian Chocolates (milk, dark, and white)! This gift is sure to be a hit for the Holidays. Our Gourmet Christmas Cupcakes are dipped in rich Belgian Milk, and Dark Chocolates and decorated with mini light bulb candies, snowmen faces, and sprinkled with delicate red & green ribbons.

Cake flavors:  Vanilla and Chocolate. Cupcakes are Infused with delicious cream.  Each assortment is carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box and delivered fresh, right to your special someone's home or office.  A scrumptious blend of flavors that light up with delectable, sweet goodness.

Since these are handcrafted, no two will be exactly the same. 

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