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INDULGED™ Gourmet Tray


 We customize every program and we will be happy to discuss your company's specific needs.

We offer three options to choose from - Regular, Deluxe, and Ultimate - each featuring an elegant presentation of carefully selected and delicious treats.

Our Regular Gourmet Tray is perfect for any occasion. It features a tantalizing selection of fresh fruits, including Oranges, Pears, and Apples, paired with a savory selection of Cheeses such as Cheddar, Harvest Vegetable, and Onion & Garlic. Additionally, it includes crackers, trail mix, gourmet popcorn, and almonds to add a delightful crunch to your snack.

Upgrade to our Deluxe Gourmet Tray for a wider range of treats. In addition to the Cheeses, crackers, and dried fruits like apricots, the Deluxe Tray also includes chocolate covered fruit such as Oranges and Pears, along with nuts such as Cashews and Almonds for a delicious and satisfying snack.

For the ultimate indulgence, our Ultimate Gourmet Tray has it all. In addition to the Cheeses, nuts, crackers, and dried fruits from the other trays, the Ultimate Tray also features a Summer Sausage, fresh fruits such as Pears and Apples, and indulgent chocolate covered treats like Mini Pretzels and Almonds, as well as chocolate covered dried fruit like Apricots.

No matter which Gourmet Tray you choose, you can be sure that the recipient will be delighted by the sumptuous selection of treats. Perfect for any occasion, our Gourmet Trays are the ideal way to show someone you care.

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